Create a Compelling LinkedIn Profile

As more employers use LinkedIn to research candidates AND use the tool as a way to collect applications, it is more important than ever that job seekers are thoughtful about how they develop their LinkedIn profile. Below are a few critical tips to get started.

  1. Always include a professional photo. LinkedIn profiles are significantly more likely to be viewed if the profile includes a photo.
  2. Take the time to write a compelling headline and summary. If you apply to a job via LinkedIn, the headline will show up in the summary email to the employer.
  3. Include all current and past jobs that are relevant to your future goals. Again, these positions will show up in the summary email to employers if you apply for a position via LinkedIn. Taking the time to explain what you did in each role can help recruiters and hiring managers better understand your past skills and experiences.
  4. Request recommendations from current and former colleagues or supervisors. When someone takes the time to write a recommendation for you on LinkedIn, it signals to a future employer that you are appreciated by your colleagues and supervisors. This will make an employer feel more confident about your skills and quality of work much more than simple endorsements within the system.
  5. Join groups related to your career interests. Again, not only can this help you uncover job leads for your industry, it can also signal to employers that you are engaged in current news and events in your industry.

For more tips on creating a strong profile, check out our upcoming event Create a Compelling & Professional LinkedIn Profile.

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By Heidi Perman
Heidi Perman Executive Director, Career & Professional Development Heidi Perman