Can You Start Your Job Search Without an Exact Job in Mind?

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Many liberal arts majors think they need to know the exact job title they plan to pursue before beginning their search for a job or internship. That idea is FALSE!

Instead, liberal arts students should make a list of the following factors:

  • What skills do you most want to use in a job? Writing skills? Communication skills? Research skills? Analytical skills? Make a list of the tasks you have most enjoyed using from past jobs and courses so you can keep an eye out for job postings that utilize these strengths.
  • What type of organization would you most like to work within? For profit? Nonprofit? Educational? Government? What are you most passionate about and what organizations in the community align with these passions? Complete this work environment activity to further clarify what you are seeking.

Using the above pieces of information, you can work with a career advisor to create a list of top organizations that align with your interests. Networking within your preferred organizations is also a great way to learn from existing employees what positions best match your strengths.

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By Heidi J. Perman
Heidi J. Perman Assistant Vice Chancellor, Career & Professional Development