5 Modern Day Rules for the Workplace

Whether you have been in the workforce since before email ruled your life or you are starting your professional career, the workplace is an ever-changing dynamic. It doesn’t matter if you are rule-follower or a rule-breaker, here are some rules to consider.

1. Know what is in your employee handbook. You may find a little known policy like the ability to participate in a day of service at your favorite organization that doesn’t count against your Paid Time Off.


2. Be action-oriented and ambitious.
Let the others around you whittle away the day on office drama and social media. Show your supervisor you are dedicated to your job, your goals and your organization.



3. Use Reply-All sparingly!
It is likely that not everyone needs to see your response and no one needs an inbox full of ‘thanks!, I agree!, good point!’.

4. Be positive and confident. People are more likely to respond and respond favorably when you have an upbeat and confident attitude. This is especially true during times of stress and pressure when you’re put to the test.

5. Clean up after yourself! If you make a mistake, admit it and clean it up. Headed to the communal kitchen?

By Mary Michael Hawkins
Mary Michael Hawkins Director, Undergraduate Career & Professional Development