Resources for an Organized Job Search Process

If the job search process stresses you out enough to need a hot pink straight jacket and sparkly helmet, then listen up. Finding your next job does not have to be such an arduous task, at least not when it comes to organization! Below, I have listed a variety of mobile applications and websites to help you better organize your lists of jobs to apply for, professional contacts to reach out to, and interviews to make. Utilize these websites to rid yourself of the difficulties of bookmarking every job search you’ve made and stressing yourself out over where you placed an important note or job-specific document. An organized job search process lies ahead!

Mobile Applications

Available for both Apple and Android phones


  • Pros: Very straightforward application. On the application, you can add contacts, companies, jobs, and action items which can be viewed on the application’s calendar and set reminders for.
  • Cons: You are not able to search for jobs within the application or save jobs directly from another website. It is also not the most aesthetically pleasing application.
  • Overall: I highly recommend this application as a job search organizational tool. It is simple and has a variety of features available. Indeed, everything must be entered manually, but it is easy to use and available for both major cellular platforms.


  • Pros: Simple and fast to use. It allows you to search for a job using an aggregated listing of more than 100 job boards and save it; it will tell you the salary, about the company/organization, and if you can apply via the mobile application for most jobs. It can also send you daily emails or notifications for jobs you may be interested in. You can also upload your resume and bookmark jobs that you can apply to later on your computer.
  •  Cons: It does have limited features as it can not be used to organize jobs, contacts, etc.
  • Overall: It is a good application for job searching. The notifications can be somewhat annoying, but that feature can be turned off. It does not allow for one to organize their job search process well, however.

LinkedIn Job Search

  • Pros: Links with LinkedIn account and allows for easy job search by title, location, industry, or key word. It does have a limited organization feature in that you can categorize jobs by “viewed, saved, or applied.”
  • Cons: Its organization features are very limited.
  • Overall: This applications best feature is that it links with LinkedIn. It is great for job searching but very limited in its possible use as an organizational tool.


  • Pros: Can be used as an organizational tool as it acts like Pinterest. Allows for an unlimited number of tabs and things to be added to it for organization.
  • Cons: It only has the options of “doing, to do, and done” for its overarching categories to which anything can be added.
  • Overall: While this application can be used for organization, it is not an application dedicated solely to the job search process. It would require a person to come up with categories and anything they want to enter themselves.

Available for Apple phones ONLY


  • Pros: You can search for jobs nationwide or by city through an aggregated list that takes job listings from sites such as Indeed. It syncs with your LinkedIn account. You can track jobs easily by either dream job, second choice, third choice, etc. For each job, you can enter whether you have done research on it yet, if sent individual resume, had an interview, take notes.
  • Cons: It does not have a designated spot to enter contacts or upload resumes.
  • Overall: I highly recommend this application for Iphone users. Besides the pros already mentioned, its best feature is its learn tab that allows you to learn about what to include in a resume/cover letter, interview prep, negotiation strategies, etc.


  • Pros: Allows you to track jobs and enter information manually, such as title, company, location. It also allows you to add a to-do list for each position and gives you examples of things to do for each position like add a cover letter or deadline to apply by. You can categorize jobs by saved, prep to apply, and applied. You can also set reminders to do things for jobs as well.
  • Cons: No way to search for jobs and save within the application and does not have a designate spot for contacts, but this information can be entered in the job manually.
  • Overall: This is a good application with a lot of features. Its only major downside is not being able to search for jobs within the application itself.




  • Pros: Can link up with LinkedIn. It is simple to use as a job can be searched for and a job from any site can be saved to it. You can also enter a variety of information for a job such as due date, contacts, or documents specific for each application. You can also upload general documents and categorize jobs by “interested, applied, not interested.”
  • Cons: Not available on a phone.
  • Overall: I highly recommend this website for job search organization. It is easy to navigate and has a variety of things that can be added to each job application.



  • Pros: This site is strictly for organization. It requires you to enter the company you’re applying for, operated by Glassdoor, which allows you to view different ratings of each company such as company culture or career advancement opportunities on a scale of 0 to 5. You can categorize jobs by interested, applied, have an interview, expired, etc. Depending on what point you are in applying for each position, it will ask if you want to add specific information such as an application deadline or interview date. For each application entered, you can also add specific contacts or documents.
  • Cons: It does not have a job search feature and can take a bit of time to figure out how it operates.
  • Overall: I highly recommend this website if you are strictly trying to organize jobs. It allows for specificity amongst each application. Additionally, it as a very unique feature in that it will run an analytics test so you can see your rate of how many interviews you have, etc. Once you understand how to navigate this site, it is a great organizational tool.



  • Pros: Can sign up for job alerts if desired or text message updates about the status of an application. You can sign up to see where you stand in comparison to others who work there, according to Glassdoor. It is simple to use as a job search tool that connects to LinkedIn and you can manually enter applications and add a simple statement such as “I have an interview” of what point you are in your search.
  • Cons: It is limited in its features in comparison to other sites.
  • Overall: This is an above average organizational tool that does allow job search as well. Its functionality is somewhat limited though in that you can only add simple statements for applications.


By Alyssa Bekerman
Alyssa Bekerman