Help! What do I put in my resume?

“Can I see your resume?” “Bring a copy of your resume!” “You need a resume!” “Update your resume!”

How many different messengers in your life have shared one of these “helpful” comments as you prepare for an internship or job search, or finish a grad school application?  Don’t let the questions cause you anxiety, instead stop by one of the upcoming workshops on campus on April 18th (whether you’re a current student or an alumni) to have your resume reviewed by a local employer.

“What a great experience for your resume!” “Don’t put that on your resume.” “Your resume is too…!”

Distill the advice that comes your way from family, friends, and colleagues and hear recommendations directly from Human Resource professionals from companies that frequently recruit at DU.


Begin a resume or update an existing resume


A paper copy of your resume OR a digital copy of your resume on a laptop or other device that you can look at and review with another person


You will sit down with an employer who has volunteered their time to help you with your resume. They will give you 10-15 minutes to point out strengths in your resume, suggest updates, and answer your questions!

Get ready to mingle at the Careers with A Cause event or apply for your next position!

By Julia Nelson
Julia Nelson Assistant Director, Employer Connections "Serving employers seeking candidates in the liberal arts."