DU Students and Alumni in Hot Demand!

Class 2020

Class 2020

On Monday, August 22nd, 250 employers visited campus to kick off the recruiting year by attending the 3rd Annual Employer Luncheon. These employers represented a wide variety of industries including consulting, finance, accounting, education, engineering, technology, non-profit, consumer products, hospitality, telecommunications, health care, advertising, and government. The attendees included 36 alumni returning to campus interested in hiring fellow Pioneers. The industry professionals, interested in building deeper relationships with DU students and alumni, were treated to lunch as they heard a panel of faculty and staff share ways that they have connected their students with potential employers. Chad King, Peter Laz, Nancy Lorenzon, Ron Rizzuto, and Andrew Urbaczewski shared opportunities for organizations to get further involved with class projects, capstone courses, co-ops, internships, mentorships, etc.

Pioneers of all backgrounds, majors, and ages are in hot demand as the economy continues to boom in the Denver metro area with a 3.4% unemployment rate despite 40,000 new workers in the area over last July, according to the Denver Business Journal. University Career Services hosted the largest audience for an Employer Luncheon yet with over 100 more employers visiting campus than last year.

Despite this robust economy, in Career Services we know that it may still be hard to find the right niche to match your career interests. If you are searching to find your place in the Denver metro job market, please contact the University Career Center to schedule an in-person or phone appointment with a Career Advisor to discuss strategies to pursue your passion.


By Julia Nelson
Julia Nelson Assistant Director, Employer Connections "Serving employers seeking candidates in the liberal arts."