Job Offers: 6 Things to Consider

job offersCongratulations!!! You have a job offer.

Now what?

Job offers are exciting. You may have been through a grueling process and dozens of interviews before this offer arrived. But don’t accept it too quickly. Take some time to reflect and to review the offerYou will be spending a large number of hours at this job, so ask for a few days to review the offer. This will give you time to objectively decide if the job is a good fit for you. Here are a few points to consider:

  1. Salary: You will likely have to live with the salary for at least a year, so do your search on the salary range by checking with sites like, and
  2. Day-to-Day Work: Ask yourself if you are proud of the company, product or services provided by the company. Is the job interesting? Does the position fit with your career goals? Will you be challenged?
  3. Hidden Costs: Will you have a long commute? Need to upgrade your wardrobe? Be away from family and friends due to a lot of out-of-town travel?
  4. Benefits: A great benefit package can compensate for a lower salary. What is the health insurance plan and what percentage does the employer pay? Tuition reimbursement? What about employer contributions to a retirement plan? How much paid vacation and sick leave do they give employees? Some companies offer all of these and more, other companies offer very few benefits.  Decide what you or your family needs and consider these options carefully.
  5. Culture: Do you think that you will fit in easily? If not, are you willing to adjust? Is your supervisor interested in your growth and success? Are you comfortable with the management style?
  6. Consider Your Needs: Do you need to leave at a set time to pick-up a child from daycare or school? Do you need relocation assistance? Do you know what working hours are the norm in the office? Would you like to work remotely or do you need any physical accommodations made to your work space?

By doing some research and taking time for reflection before accepting the position, you will be able to confidently accept or turn down any job offer.

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By Patty Hickman
Patty Hickman Director, Serves Graduate Students