Not just your diploma in hand, but your first post-grad job, too

my first job

Half the battle of the job search is simply in having clarity around what you want to do and how you want to plug-in, then finding the companies doing those things. As a multi-pronged approach to the job search, it will be most effective to spend time clarifying your post-graduation goals, even if that means your goals for the short run, while also leveraging the platforms that aggregate job postings, such as Built in Colorado, LinkedIn, Indeed, among others. If you’re looking to be employed by the first week of June, then consider these next steps and points of self-inquiry for the job search:

  1. What do you want to do? Where do you want to have impact? (i.e.—be a champion for the underdog, conserve the environment, influence policy, build self-esteem of youth, streamline systems or operations).
  2. How do you want to plug into that issue? (i.e.—blogging, education/training, fundraising, developing a community support group, lobbying, researching, etc).
      1. If it’s blogging, for example: Who are the bloggers that are successful? What are they doing to be successful? Can you find them on LinkedIn and request an opportunity to talk to them to get their insight?
  3. Who are the employers and organizations addressing the very issues you care about?
    1. Research LinkedIn, Guidestar and other similar resources to identify those companies.
    2. Develop a Target list of at least 25 employers you’re most interested in, track them in a spreadsheet.
    3. Identify 1-2 contacts within those organizations and send an email to one individual in each of your Top 5 Companies requesting an informational interview.
  4. Update your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile (meet with a Career Advisor for input)
  5. Leverage the job search resources on Pioneer Careers or via the Field/Industry resources to search for Job Postings and/or to find employers.  (How to use Pioneer Careers).
  6. Consider working with a staffing agency to connect you to employment opportunities
  7. Attend the Upcoming Government and Nonprofit Career Fair on Wednesday, April 20th

And, in the meantime, check out Career Services upcoming events, such as the next LinkedIn workshop to help you build your network to relevant opportunities, or learn how to develop a stronger resume.


By Carolyn Sommers
Carolyn Sommers Associate Director, Serves Undergraduate CAHSS & Exploring Students